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For Parents & Educators

Top Ten Reasons Comics and Graphic Novels Promote Literacy
1. They bring a whole new group of readers into the library.
2. There's no shortage of material that appeals to both boys and girls.
3. They engage the reluctant reader, and appeal to gifted readers too!
4. They help increase vocabulary. Studies show comics to be more effective than movies, television, or adult books.
5. They are a multi-modal form of communication. Meaning is communicated through visual context and words, similar to spoken language, and act as a bridge to written language.
6. Visual literacy is increasingly important in today's society.
7. They stimulate the imagination and model visualization for readers.
8. They offer dynamic and high-interest supplementary material for a wide range of disciplines, including English, History, Civics, Science, Art, Geography, and more.
9. They appeal to boys' kinesthenic and visual tendencies, and help girls strengthen theirs.
10. They create a gateway to literature!
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